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Silent Camera Hi-Speed&Quality


You can continuously shoot without the shutter sound.№ 1 is chosen in the acquisition of a certain number silence cameraAcquisition № 1 Silent Camera at Google Play for some of Country Surpassed 19 million downloads!
Silent shutter with a timer!
"Hi-speed Continuous shooting" is a new appearanceseveral times faster than the continuous shooting of up to now!Please experience!
Gif animation creation and high-speed continuous shooting has been added!
★Scene can be used- Photos of children and pets.- Party camera.- Shooting sports
【The main features】☆Silent shooting☆Hi-speed Continuous shooting☆Continuous shooting ON / OFF . This will continue shooting until you TAP Again.☆Zoom shooting.☆Exposure conversion.☆Self timer.☆Auto focus switching. * Blue is On, red is Off. When you tap the camera button, it taks pictures after auto-focus . If you want to take pictures in easy, you use with auto-focus function. Function Off, When you tap the camera button, it taks pictures without auto-focus . You can shoot faster than with auto-focus. If you do not want to miss good shooting chance, use this function.☆Auto focus by tapping the screen
☆"Volume key" └ You can adjust the speed of continuous shooting.
☆"Best Shot" └ after continuous shooting, you can choose to save the image.
☆Various settings page